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State of the Garden Address

the-garden-09may03In the ongoing adventures of the Bumbling Gardener, I’ve been planting a bit here and there each week. First it was the early nursery transplants — so far only one loss, a golden bell pepper plant. The other one is absolutely thriving.

Then it was seeding into the ground with a couple of different kinds of radishes, some beets, spinach, two types of lettuce, a couple of carrots, parsnips, herbs, etc. Oh, and some yellow and green onions.

happy-golden-pepperThen came the ill-fated squash episode. (A moment of silence please.)

When I didn’t have much success with seeding the inoculated beans and peas (they rotted in their peat pucks), I tried seeding some non-inoculated ones. The beans weren’t so keen to play, but the peas were pretty happy to sprout for me. Some of those worked, fewer yet survived my care and a couple are now transplanted into the garden. I’m hoping it’s warm enough that there won’t be a repeat of the last seedling transplant debacle.

transplanted-peasI did see a squash sprouting in the garden all on it’s own, the other day. I guess there were two seeds in one of the peat pucks. The first one died of frostbite and the second one is now checking things out. Maybe it’s an acclimatization thing. I’m sending it many happy, growing thoughts.

After many weeks of putting things in the ground, we now have a variety of green bits poking out of the ground. It’s very exciting! Thank heavens for the name sticks and my hand drawn map of the garden, or I’d have no clue what I was seeing.