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Planning and Planting the Garden

After blending and resting the soil, it was time to plant. So, in early May I got busy and set about planning and planting.

Aside from last year’s garlic, a couple of thriving snap dragons and a pot of assorted flowers, the entire garden was a blank canvas. (The strawberries in boxes along side the plot are from last year and show promise of producing this year, unlike last.)

I decided since I was able to get an early start on the season, I’d try seeding my garden instead of buying sprouts. Last year I got a mid-July start because we’d only just got the plots and soil. In order to get a crop, I bought the last dregs of a nursery’s Brussels sprouts, cabbage and broccoli starts. In the end they flourished, I got a decent crop, and best of all, it actually looked like I  knew my way around a garden.

So on to the planning. Last year I planted rows that ran east/west in the bottom right section of the plot, then realized that because some plants shoot up quickly and others take a while, the late bloomers got left in the shade. This year I planted north/south in an attempt to alleviate that issue.

I also decided to draw up a garden map so I know what’s coming up where. This should enable me to have a better handle on what’s a weed and what’s a “real” plant.

And, I planted bush beans in the general area where winter barley was, in case this helps accommodate their nitrogen needs.

Then, it was water, watch and wait…