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“Understanding the Provenance of Wine”

Don’t miss Part 5/6 of the Provenance: You are What You Eat series co-hosted by FarmFed and Barbara Jo’s Books for Cooks.

Tuesday, May 26, 6pm
Farmstead Wines founder Anthony Nicalo lifts the veil on wine marketing and connects guests to authentic wine and artisan farmers. The Farmstead Accreditation Program ensures that each of the wines bearing the Farmstead seal are naturally farmed, handcrafted and delicious.

Guests will not only learn the shocking truth about most wine on the shelves, but will taste for themselves the difference that only exists in vinaroon wines.

“Understanding the Provenance of Produce”

Don’t miss out on Part 4/6 of Provenance: You are What You Eat, co-hosted by FarmFed and Barbara Jo’s Books for Cooks.

Wednesday, May 20, 6pm
Mark Bomford, Program Coordinator for the Centre of Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm, will be the special guest this evening. Mark has been immersed in creating sustainable food systems for the last 14 years and has worked in various roles including growing food and managing food-centred organizations both locally and internationally.

Learn tips for buying sustainable produce and taste delicious, seasonal canapés complimented by vinaroon wines.

“Understanding the Provenance of Meat”

It’s not too late to get in on a stellar line up of presentations on sustainable food systems, brought to you by FarmFed and Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks.

Understanding the Provenance of Meat, session 3 of 6 in the Provenance: You Are What You Eat series gets underway on May 5th at 6:00 pm.

At tonight’s event, Anthony Nicalo will be joined by Jason Pleym, founder of Two Rivers Specialty Meats, a purveyor of fine meats that are free of antibiotics, hormones and chemical free additives. While you may already know that all meat is not created equal, Jason will shed light on what is really going on in grocers and butcher shops.

For details on all the remaining sessions, including the big wrap-up UBC Farm Fundraiser with internationally renowned Michael Pollan, visit FarmFed online.

To purchase tickets call Books to Cooks at 604.688.6755.

I can’t make the event tonight, but if you attend, let me know how it goes.