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Consumer Advocate: That’s Me and You

I was royally ticked off today by the customer service at Hallmark Cards. I believe in the power of the collective consumer voice, so when later today I discovered that Johnsonville, the sausage people with the irritating commercials, sell products on non-recyclable meat trays, I dropped them an email as follows:

How come you don’t use recyclable trays for your meat products?

I prefer the hot Italian sausage without the skins which I brown for homemade pizza, but I’m thinking of switching to the grocery store brand, because their trays are recyclable. It’s more hassle for me, but worth it when I think that you must go through a mountain of trays every single day in your production facility.

It doesn’t make sense to me that so many trays are making the trip to the dump when there are alternatives.

Let me know…

I’ll let you know what they say.

As for Hallmark, their 1-800 number is by the phone. I’ll be giving them a call tomorrow morning, first thing.