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Is Organic Livestock Management Better?

In response to the post Drinking Milk From Abused Cows, one of my readers commented, “I didn’t watch the video. I’m far to sensitive to watch cruelty. We started buying organic milk many years ago. Do you think that means the cows are treated better?”

Organic Livestock Management

In response I did a little digging and thought I’d share what I discovered. Continue reading

An Easy Way to Help the Cows (and Chickens and Goats and Pigs and…)

Shamelessly cute cow with calf. I am NOT apologetic if it helps you contact your MLA.

Shamelessly cute cow with calf. I am NOT apologetic if it motivates you to contact your MLA.

The other day I contacted the BC SPCA to ask how Joe and Jeni Citizen (that’s you and me) can support turning the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals — which outlines standards for humane treatment of all manner of livestock, including dairy cattle — into law.

The Code of Practices is a document that covers the minimum in appropriate livestock management practices for all manner of species raised for food production. Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Cows

glass milk bottlesHave you thought about the milk you’ve been drinking this week and where it came from? 

It’s so easy to let yesterweek’s news of animal cruelty in the dairy industry slip between the cracks of things you care about and want to change, and things you just need to get done to survive the week. Life is busy, I get it.

I get it and I still think it’s worth not letting this issue slip back into obscurity. Because the lives and welfare of these kind, gentle animals is at stake. And if we don’t care enough to do something, there’s no guarantee someone else will. Continue reading