Delicious Homous With Pesto

pesto-homous-largerSome people eat crackers with homous. I eat homous with crackers — and then only because the latter are necessary as an eating utensil.

I often make my own humous, but am not above buying it when I don’t have time or am not in the mood to haul out the food processor and get creative.

I tried Royal Gourmet Foods pesto homous a while back and, even by my standards, it was inhaled pretty quickly. I didn’t share much of it, either. (No regrets, get your own.)

Unfortunately, the company website doesn’t provide info on the product, despite a link called “Product Details” (which leads to a blank page). My email to the company didn’t get a response either. The container has gone on to its next life via the recycling depot, so all I can tell you is it tasted good, and is made by a company in Burnaby.

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