No Really, You CAN Garden Anywhere

Last week I blogged about being able to grow things anywhere, after seeing a canoe garden in a quiet residential alley not far from my community garden.

If you don’t have a canoe but you do have say, an old truck, that can work too. From the duo who brought us King Corn, learn how to “teach an old dodge new tricks” in this trailer for the upcoming Truck Farm movie. It’s kinda crazy and a whole lot of fun.

You can find additional Farm Truck clips on the Wicked Delicate YouTube channel.

3 thoughts on “No Really, You CAN Garden Anywhere

  1. Fred Samorodin

    Greetings! Last year I had a bumper crop of Italian plums in my back yard trees! This year? Narry one! I did provide a good trickle of water under the trees this year (probably last year as well), however, the “bumper” crop, this year was the Blackberry bush’s harvest suspended in among the branches of one of the 3 plum trees! Should I be worried?

  2. liz gaige Post author

    Yes, you should definitely be worried. Blackberries are an invasive species that will take over and choke out other plants if left to their own devices. They do have their place — preferably in pie and jam — but must be contained. Blackberries are pretty persistent, growing extensive underground, inter-connected roots that have been known to travel under a roadway and pop up on the other side. They are nothing if not determined! If you want tomatoes AND blackberries you’ll have to be diligent in holding them at bay via regular weed patrol.

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