An Easy Way to Help the Cows (and Chickens and Goats and Pigs and…)

Shamelessly cute cow with calf. I am NOT apologetic if it helps you contact your MLA.

Shamelessly cute cow with calf. I am NOT apologetic if it motivates you to contact your MLA.

The other day I contacted the BC SPCA to ask how Joe and Jeni Citizen (that’s you and me) can support turning the Canadian Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals — which outlines standards for humane treatment of all manner of livestock, including dairy cattle — into law.

The Code of Practices is a document that covers the minimum in appropriate livestock management practices for all manner of species raised for food production.

“The BC SPCA is recommending that minimum standards for dairy cattle (and all farm animals) be adopted into the provincial Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and we have submitted this recommendation to the Minister of Agriculture.  We urge anyone who is concerned about the issue of dairy cattle and farm animal welfare to write, call or tweet their MLA. We have even heard from a few people who have set up meetings to discuss the issue with their MLA in person.”

Citizen Action WORKS

You’ve seen how effectively citizen petitions have worked on this issue already, now it’s time to do it again so the change is long-term. Add your name with the rest of us who care about animal welfare. It’s as easy as the click of a mouse. BC SPCA Welfare of Dairy Cattle Campaign

We’re Falling Behind

organic goatBy the way, at this point BC is playing catch-up with Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and PEI, who have already made the national Codes of Practice for farm animals enforceable by law. Seriously?! We’re supposed to be the front runners for this kind of thing, people. Let’s get on it!