Can Cities Aid the Food Crisis?

I enjoy urban gardening for the sense of community it builds with my neighbours, for the fun I have mucking about in the dirt, and for the delight in every bit of harvest. Especially the warm, juicy, bright red tomatoes that ripen on the vine.

However, there’s a much bigger impact on the state of our food security, one that I don’t really think about as I’m fussing over seedlings or harvesting peas. Alone I’m just a small drop in the bucket, but together we make a difference.

If you haven’t given much thought to how much your little garden contributes to world agriculture trends, David Tracey’s article in The Tyee, Why Urban Farming is the Future, is worth a read.

And, if you want to garden and don’t have access to land, try Sharing Backyards, a program that connects people with urban land with those who love to garden.