Action Now! Stop GE Alfalfa and GE Wheat

This just came across my desk, pls pass it on…

Take a moment to support Canadian Organic Farmers. Support Bill C-474 before Monday March 29, 2010 . Fill out a quick form (seriously, it only takes a sec) and you can write a letter to your MP instantly.

Learn more at Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

The Scoop

We need our government to uphold the high standards Canada is known for and NOT allow genetically engineered seed into our agricultural system. In a nutshell:

Bill C-474 supports Canadian farmers by requiring that “an analysis of potential harm to export markets be conducted before the sale of any new genetically engineered seed is permitted.”

Farmers are at risk when GE crops are commercialized in Canada without  first being approved by our major export markets.

Think about it.

It’s just common sense that if a product is not approved by the people who are meant to buy it, its economic viability is shot. Flax farmers in Canada are already paying the price for this exact problem. We don’t need any more hits to our agricultural economy.

Do what you can, fill out the form at Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, and pass it on. It only takes a moment.

One thought on “Action Now! Stop GE Alfalfa and GE Wheat

  1. Liz

    Here’s some good news. I got this email today from the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network:

    “Congratulations! Your actions worked – MPs voted for Bill C-474!”

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