What Goes Around, Comes Around

I remember a road trip through rural Canada as a child, Ontario I believe it was. There were signs showing the outline of a fellow wearing a hat with a bag over his shoulder nailed to posts as we entered many of the small towns we drove through. Under each was a day of the week, never the same day.

Sometimes it was Tuesday, sometimes Wednesday and even occasionally, Saturday. It took us quite a few towns and much conjecture to at last figure out what the sign indicated: what day the farmers market would be held in that particular town.

That was many years ago. I wonder if those towns still hold their farmers markets. If not, there’s a good chance they will be back in the future. The popularity of farmers market on the upswing, thanks to organizations like Farm Folk/City Folk and regional farmers market associations.

They’ve known for years what we’re only finally getting. Local food security matters.