Welcome to LocalDelicious.com

Welcome to LocalDelicious.com, my journal of discovery into local food.

I’ve learned so many cool things related to local food my brain is getting full. I’ve got to let some of the info out, or I’ll burst. But rather than bore my friends, I’ve decided to blog and find people interested in the topic, and tell them instead. Don’t get me wrong, some of my friends are into it too, but there’s a point at which the eyes glaze over and you know you’ve lost them. No one should be forced to listen.

Even the people who love me have made it clear, it’s just not normal to get so excited about the new flavour of garlic spread created by the couple you met at the farmers market. Or be fascinated by the process and endless creativity of local, small cheese producers. Or to watch Tableland. Again.

So if you’re as keen on learning about and sourcing local food as I am, you’ve come to the right place. Check us out, come back often, post a comment, tell your friends. Local food is all about community and sharing – welcome aboard!

Liz Gaige