The More We Work Together

When I first landed a plot in my community garden I loved the idea that I could meet and learn from others with a common interest and more experience than I. What I’ve come to realize is that we have more than a community within the garden, we are a community outside of the garden too. When I see those folks in other parts of the neighbourhood or about town, my community has extended. And that just makes me happy.

Then I started learning about all kinds of cool organizations that people in my community are involved with. Groups doing cool things to address facets of the interwoven issues around food security and food quality (it’s pretty hard to find a pressing issue that isn’t in some way related). And then I started seeing them collaborate and share ideas, share information. You know, creating all kinds of networks.

If you care about local food and the many issues that are interconnected and entwined within it, there’s bound to be an organization who cares about the same things you do. I encourage you to consider putting a few drops of whatever resources you have into the bucket of making the world a better place, whatever your pet project.

Soil, water, air, animals, poverty…you name it, there’s a food connection.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Edmund Burke