The 100-Mile Diet Comes to TV

Have you ever heard of the 100-Mile Diet? That’s where participants commit to only eating  foods, including beverages, grown up to 100-miles away from home. Sounds easy, right?

Well, it is until you realize that the staples of most households, such as beer and coffee, are grown nowhere near your house (unless you have a nice little cottage in the Peruvian rain forest).

Food TV Canada is launching a new series this Sunday, “The 100-Mile Challenge“, which follows six families as they challenge themselves to only eat and drink from within the 100-mile limit for 100 days. Yep, 100 days. Where did they find families brave enough to take on the challenge in front of the cameras? Mission, BC, of course!

The show’s site is much more than just an ad for the show. Check it out for recipes, tips, and help finding appropriate foods in your area.