Jamie Oliver, Telling It Like It Is

I love Chef Jamie Oliver. I knew who he was many years ago of course, but it wasn’t until I caught a few episodes of his 2008 television series, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, (where Oliver inspires everyday people in Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK to cook healthy meals) that I became a genuine fan. He knows his stuff, he’s passionate about sharing his knowledge, and he puts his money where his mouth is, using his visibility to educate people who might otherwise not be inspired to believe they can make better food choices.

Well, Jamie’s done it again. Educating the public I mean. And this time it’s graphic. Now, I haven’t eaten a McDonald’s hamburger since about 1991, but for those who still think of them as “food” the following video, in Oliver’s trademark, passionate, straight shooting style, will make you think again. This isn’t science fiction, it’s the real deal. Take it from Jamie.

4 thoughts on “Jamie Oliver, Telling It Like It Is

  1. Duke

    Hi Liz, never buy ground meat,do not know what is in it.When I was a kid (long time ago) Mom had a meat grinder and ground her own meat.

  2. Tracy Tai

    Well that was a shock. We changed over to organic grass fed beef for health reason. But I thought I was just getting away from corn fed beef. Now I’m getting away from ammonia. Yikes! Love your blog. Keep up the amazing writing.

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