Edible Vancouver, Yum

Edible Vancouver MagazineI’ve often joked with friends, including here on my blog, that the West Coast Seeds annual catalogue is gardener’s porn. If you are a gardener in Canada and perhaps even farther afield, you have heard of and eagerly await the arrival of your copy.

On a similar vein, Edible Vancouver Magazine is porn for local foodies. Oh yes, yes, yes it is! The best part is, you get a fresh issue every 2 months rather than once a year.

The print issue of the magazine is beautiful, full of gorgeous, mouth-watering photos, articles covering food producers, restaurants and food trends, recipes, and ads from a wide variety of local establishments, from farmers to food producers and restaurants to retail outlets.

I can’t say this about any other publication that comes to mind — I actually love the ads. I want to know who’s making great food in whatever context they are making it.

  • Like to cook your own? Fantastic, you’ll find folks who can bring you the raw ingredients.
  • Want to enhance your cooking with delicious food products (condiment, organic meat, wine…)? There’s lots of that too.
  • Feel like dining out and want to know that your food hasn’t collected more Air Miles points than you? You’ll find that too.

In fairness, the electronic version is also beautiful, it has the same beautiful photos, articles and ads, I simply take additional pleasure from the tactile experience. The fact is, it’s very handy to have an electronic version available too. First, because it’s almost impossible to find a copy of the current issue unless you have a “distributor source” (dealer?) and can get down there to get one before they’re all snatched up. And when you’re looking for something and can’t find your copy, say, you can always read current and archive issues online. (Yes, technically you can subscribe to the magazine, but where’s the hunter-gatherer satisfaction in that?)

EdibleCommunitiesEdible Vancouver is a member of the Edible Community a collection of publications throughout Canada and the United States, all passionate about celebrating the local food in their area. So even when travelling there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get the scoop on what’s local and delicious in the area.

If you’re interested in jazzing things up a little and supporting local businesses with your grocery and food-related entertainment budget, or just enjoy being tempted with delicious-looking food, why not treat yourself to some local foodie porn pleasure?