Consumer Beware the Brand

I’ve written before about brands that give the impression of being local when they are not. Now we also need to be careful of brands that used to be local and are no more.

When you start seeing your favourite, cool, quirky products in every corner store, it’s time to ask who got them there.

Check out the Organic Consumers Association article Burt’s Bees, Tom’s of Maine, Naked Juice: Your Favorite Brands? Take Another Look for the dirt on these well known names.

One thought on “Consumer Beware the Brand

  1. Candrina Bailey

    Unfortunately, this is the trial for every small business that becomes popular and grows (relatively) quickly. The large corps want to acquire their reputation and the owners who have lived and breathed the business 24/7 are tired and relieved (if not a bit sad, I’m sure) to sell and enter a retirement of sorts. It is vital that we support our local small businesses so they can run a comfortable business and don’t (barring a romantic break up/expensive buy out situations, of course) have to sell.

    It looks, however, that the Burt’s Bees buy out hasn’t hurt its quality. I just purchased the French Green Clay Mask last night and I’m in love. It even smells good…

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