City Gardening

I had a chance to look after a friend’s community garden this summer while she was traveling overseas. It’s inspired me to sign up for a plot at my local community garden. Only those who have known me a long time will appreciate just how far I’ve come.

I used to be known as the gal who killed her indoor plants. On a regular basis. I once mentioned to a friend that my plants were looking particularly lovely these days. After a pause she asked, “What happened to the old ones?”

You get the picture.

Then a couple of years ago I landed a choice top floor apartment with a 12×24’ deck and overnight I became a gardener. I recruited a couple of experienced gardener friends, headed out to the local nurseries, and came home with significantly more than the 3 pots and suitable plants I’d set out to buy. Okay, I went a little crazy.

Two additional trips later, I was fully and truly hooked.

And now I’m signed up for a community garden plot. Who ever would have thought? I’m a little disappointed to discover I’m 54th on the list, mind you. It suggests to me that we should have a few more of those around.