Food Labels: Pesticide-Free

Food Label Tag GreenToday, we’re checking out “pesticide-free”. Who doesn’t want to be pesticide-free?

Excerpt from Ecoholic

“Sure, it might mean your broccoli hasn’t been sprayed with chemincals, which is good, but this label doesn’t cover all the other good stuff that comes with organic. The CFIA [Canadian Food Inspection Agency] doesn’t really approve of the term because, given all the contaminants in the environment, cananything ever be pesticide-free? If they spot-test a food items and find out it’s not free of pesticides, the farmer can be charged with fraud.”

And now with a US twist from

[Pesticide-Free refers to] food that was grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. This doesn’t mean that the food is completely free of pesticides: organic pesticides could have been used, or synthetic pesticide residue from neighboring farms could have blown onto crops. Use of this term is not regulated by any national standards.”