Liz’s World Famous Pizza

I made my “world famous pizza” again today — world famous because it’s on the Internet so theoretically anyone in the whole world could know about it. And famous because…well… my friends know and love it. When I made it this past summer with my 17 year old niece, Falisha, she was skeptical, but after […]

Growing Garlic Begins in the Fall

Always good for tasty bite of pizza, now you can learn how to grow garlic at the Garlic Sale & Fundraiser by Rocky Mountain Flatbread. Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 5:00 pm onwards Garlic planting season has arrived and Sharon Hanna, Urban Gardener, will be selling organic garlic from Rivendale Farm on Salt Spring Island at […]

Local Food and Recycling

One of the many great fringe benefits of buying local food is that it can often lead to reduced packaging and therefore a reduced need for recycling. Buying producer-direct at a farmers market is a prime example of this. You buy from a bin, you bring your own reusable bag and bingo, no extra packaging […]

Consumer Advocate: That’s Me and You

I was royally ticked off today by the customer service at Hallmark Cards. I believe in the power of the collective consumer voice, so when later today I discovered that Johnsonville, the sausage people with the irritating commercials, sell products on non-recyclable meat trays, I dropped them an email as follows: How come you don’t […]

Golda’s Cilantro Pesto

I stumbled across Golda’s Fine Foods all natural Cilantro Pesto a few months ago at Famous Foods, an independently owned grocery store in Vancouver where I buy rice milk and a wide variety of other healthy, unique, and delicious groceries. I’m a fiend for cilantro, but it’s one of those herbs that evokes a strong […]